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Create Fractal Art on your iPhone. A beginners crash course in digital design and 3D animation using only an iPhone or an iPad

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About the Course

This beginners crash course combines hours of experience in art & design and the coaching power of design experts rolled into one easy investment.

If you've looked at other art & design courses which cost hundreds of dollars and you have struggled to commit financially, this is a great opportunity to learn SO MUCH in a few short videos. 

This value packed intensive training is FREE and includes:

  • How to create stunning fractal designs
  • How to create 3D animations with music
  • How to add your own flair to captivate your audience

About Penelope & Parker

“The spirit of living” reflects the passions of Penelope and Parker - with an infectious energy and taste for a lifestyle normally reserved for a very limited few. Penelope and Parker carefully design and curate Art, Fashion and Digital Sculpture for individuals who hold an undeniable energy for adventure, luxury and elegance.


What will I need?

A working iPhone or an iPad with full access to download Apps from the app store.

Are the Apps free?

Most are free to download with in-App purchases. Should you wish to upgrade to pro versions it should cost no more than approx $15

How long will it take?

There are 6 lessons totalling 32 minutes. We'll have you up and running in no time, and guarantee you'll want to spend hours applying what you learn and having fun with your designs.

Do I need any prior knowledge?

Nope, we'll cover everything you need to know.